About the company

You will get the complete and detailed information on the used techniques and the required procedures and documentation on purchasing, designing and maintenance of the equipment.   
We are the only company in Russia that have designed the technology allowing to separate coal and other minerals into the components with the 100kg/m3 density pitch without use of water for the operational process. The equipment operating on the basis of this technology is very simple and maintainable provided the preventive maintenance is done correctly. The plants operating as per this technology are compact, can be portable and don't require the industrial premises. We'd like to stipulate once again that we are the only company in Russia which possesses the unique technology of dry concentration of coal and minerals on the basis of the pneumatic and vacuum method. This technology and basic units are protected by the corresponding RF patents which should be taken into account during their implementation following the Russian legislation. ----->

Company "Ptompererabotka" presents the technology and equipment for the separation of the bulk materials without use of water.

Brief description of the technology and the plant proper 

The plant is designed for the production of coal concentrates, middlings and wastes for the following: processing of the ordinary grades of coal into the suitable coal fuel of a new quality with the required characteristics of ash content and size, processing of the wastes of the coal production, solution of the ecological problems in the mining regions due to processing of the coal wastes in the places of the accumulation: coal cuts and mines, transport units, coal fuel storages, junction house sites etc.  ----->

The advantages of the plant

The plant has got the compact design and can be supplied in the portable version.   
Supplied as ready for the connection.

The equipment has reliable mechanical units controlled by microprocessor which guarantees its durability and quality of the products. It is easily adjusted and has the automated control. Information about the work modes is displayed at the screen.

Ash content of any product is smoothly adjusted without the shutdown of the operational equipment.

Low cost of concentration and maintenance and minimum power consumption. ----->


We produce a new High Tech equipment  - you get a COMPACT, PROFIT-PROOVED, CLEAN, NOISLESS PRODUCTION FACILITY TURN-KEY!!!

Our experts will do everything that you receive the maximum profit of the utilization of our technology.

You will not spend money on buying flocculants, reagents, capital construction and drying of the finished product.

We try to maintain the level of our prices within the reasonable limits of our profitability and your cost recovery, as you can see yourself. For example: the cost of the similar by its characteristics «wet» concentration works costs several folds more.

The plant is a compact and cost-effective one! After you have used it for a period of time, you can give it for leasing to other companies which need it, and recover some of your costs. Though the equipment is nevertheless compensated very quickly. 

Strategic activity of our company  

High quality fabrication of the plants as per authoring technology.     
Satisfaction of the demand for the processing of the coal products by implementation of the plants into the complex operational process, thus increasing the profitability of your production.  

Providing the companies with the equipment turning the coal raw material of the low quality into the coal fuel of a new quality and satisfaction of the demand for such fuel at home as well as abroad. Disposal of coal mining wastes.   
Delivery of the equipment helping to solve the ecological problems in the coal mining regions at the expense of the processing the coal dumps.    
Constant desire to use the most modern techniques in the field of coal and other minerals preparation and implementation of the own NOW-HOW into this field of industry.   

Our partners:

JSC "Siberian research institute of coal preparation"
Моscow State Mining university 
Company "Gormashexport"  Ltd