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  Open type preparation plant УПВС-01-09  

Open type preparation plant
 УПВС-01-09 in the company
"Open-cast mine named
V.I. Cheremnov " ltd

Open type preparation plant
 УПВС-01-09 in the company
 "Promugolservis" ltd

Open type preparation plant
 УПВС-01-09 in the company
ОJSC "SUEC-Кuzbass"

Open type preparation plant
 УПВС-01-09 in the company



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Open type preparation plant УПВС-01-09 is designed for the preparation of coal, ore, metallurgical slag and other products by dry method. 
The plant uses the unique patented technology of pneumatic and vacuum separation, which found acceptance at patent agencies of Russia, Australia, the USA, RSA, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.  

Preparation plant УПВС-01-09 has the following competitive advantages: 

- high efficiency,  ability to receive several products of different density at a single complex;
- absence of consumption of water and no necessity of drying the final product; 
- low cost of preparation process (construction of product preparation complex at the basis of УПВС-01-09 plants is 10 (TEN) times less than construction of heavy-media preparation works);
- possibility of operation in the open air;
- possibility of preparation of wet product;
- possibility of smooth regulation of density (ash content) of the final product without shutdown of operational process;
- dry storage of the wastes, including sludge; 
- availability of authorization for use according to specification ТУ 3132-001-89929875-10;
- availability of Certificate of conformance to industrial safety requirements. 

Preparation plant УПВС-01-09 can be manufactured as mobile complexes and be mounted at mining site of an open-cast mine, coal warehouse of a company or at any suitable place that allows reducing the transportation costs for delivery of coal for separation.   



Patent for Invention of Russia

Patent for Invention of Australia

Patent for Invention of USA

Patent for Invention of RSA

patent   Scan Австралия   Scan цвет2 патент ЮАР-цветной скан



Preparation plant УПВС-01-09 processes the coal within the range of size 0 to 150 mm. It is possible to use the modernized preparation complex for separation of manganese ore, barite ore, iron ore as well as metallurgical slag of 10-100 mm size.
Preparation is done for the products that have passed the pre-classification as per classes.  


Patent for Invention of Russia

Patent for Invention of Kazakhstan

Patent for Invention of Ukraine

 Authorization for use

Патент   Рисунок (2099)  патент Украина-цветной скан Разрешение

Quality management of preparation plant output is done continuously without shutdown of the operational process. Change of mode settings takes several seconds and allows to quickly evaluate the quality of the final concentrate and other preparation plant product. 

Company’s news

 June 2016

In June 2016, company «Prompererabotka» set to the erection of the open type pneumatic and vacuum separation complex
УПВС 01-09 at the site of the «Кyrgaiskiy-sredniy» mining area.
The erection of the complex is performed according to the agreement signed in April 2016 with the open-pit mine «Razrez Yuzhniy» ltd. The complex consists of 4 (four) УПВС plants for separation of coal size 0-25 mm,
25-50 mm, 50-100 mm and is designed for the processing of 1 million tons of coal per year.
 June 2016
Company «Prompererabotka" will participate in the  Х
VIII International Congress on Preparation of Coal,
which is held in St. Petersburg  from 28 June till 1 July, 2016.

You are welcome to visit the booth of our company at the exhibition of the ore dressing and processing equipment 
which will be held within framework  of the Congress on Preparation of Coal.

Address of the exhibition: St. Petersburg, Vasilyevskiy ostrov, line 21, build. 2, Main Office of Mining University

(booth № 60, company "Prompererabotka").

 April 2016

In April 2016, the investigations of the preparation of coal grade Д, extracted at the open-pit
mine «
Аrshanovskiy» (Khakassia), by the pneumatic and vacuum method have been done.
The following products of separation have been received from the coal with the incoming ash content of 11,76%:

Concentrate (Ad – 6,95%) with 86,67% output;
Middlings (Ad – 21,0%) with 6,2% output;
Waste (Ad – 62,37%) with 7,13% output

 November 2015
In November 2015, the millionth ton of coal have been processed at  the complex of the pneumatic and vacuum separation
УПВС-01-09, located at the site of the open-pit  mine « Mayskiy»  (JSC “SUEC-Кuzbass”). Low-ash concentrate products,
received with the utilization of the УПВС-01-09 complex, are persistently demanded at the home and foreign markets.

October 2015
In October 2015 – the patent was received in Turkey.

December 2014 

 As per the results of 2014, at the complex of pneumatic and vacuum separation of “SUEC-Kuzbass" company,
530 thousand tons of coal have been processed

September 2014

The next preparation works in company “SDS-Kuzbass” is being prepared to be put into operation in January 2015

September 2014

Management of the company have visited  «Eastern-Beisk open cast mine» (Khakass republic),
where at the mutual meeting they have discussed the questions of the possible application of the technology

August 2014
Investigations of preparation process of coal and minerals of two companies in Kazakhstan and "VostSibUgol"
company (Irkutsk city) have been done. Positive results have been received

Январь-август 2014

 5 international patents from the USA, Australia,  RSA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan have been received

January-August 2014
The third preparation works have been put into operation


Photo gallery 

Stages of construction and putting into operation of УПВС-01-09 in OJSC "SUEC-Кuzbass"

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УПВС-01-09 in "Open-cast mine named after V.I.Cheremnov" ltd

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 УПВС-01-09 in "Promugolservis"  ltd

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