Features of technology


Practical use of the pneumatic and vacuum method of minerals concentration has proved its high efficiency. The operational process of the concentration allows to separate minerals possessing the following properties:

  • 1. Separation pitch of the materials is 100kg/m3 density-wise;
  • 2. The size of the material being separated provides the gravitational concentration;
  • 3. Materials don't contain particles of the lamellar shape;
  • 4. Particles being separated are not bound by the forces of the water surface tension;

Practical investigations have proved that the size of the material delivered for the concentration should be within the limits of 6 to 150 mm.
The evaluation of the production efficiency of the concentration process by traditional methods
(Henry, Thromp etc) doesn't allow to impartially assess the efficiency of the separation.

The process of concentration is performed with different values of density with up to 100% extraction of the useful material and "net" waste per one operational cycle.

Experts of our company conduct the large-scale researches on technique and machinery for the pneumatic concentration of small-size (0-1mm) minerals.

The results of this work see in the section «
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