Features of technology


The practical use of the new unique pneumatic and vacuum method of preparation of minerals has demonstrated its high efficiency since it allows to divide the minerals which posses the following properties:

- density spacing between the divided material is 100kg/m3;

- grain size of the divided material provides the gravity preparation;


- the divided particles are not bound between each other by water surface tension force.

Practical study proved that the grain size of the material delivered for the preparation is to be within the range of 0-150mm.

Evaluation of the efficiency of preparation by the traditional methods (Henry, Tromp etc) doesn’t allow to objectively define the efficiency of the pneumatic and vacuum method of separation.
Preparation process takes place simultaneously at different densities up to 100-percent extraction of useful material that results in «net» wastes and allows to declare about practically 98-percent efficiency of the present method of separation.


The construction costs of the preparation complex of pneumatic and vacuum preparation of minerals are ten times less that the construction of heavy-media preparation works. In connection with this, production costs of the preparation process are the minimum ones and much more economically efficient than any other present technologies of preparation. But cost saving today is the main index of the viability and efficiency of any company.


Design advantages

- The plant has a compact design and can be delivered as a mobile option.  

- The equipment has simple and reliable mechanical units controlled with microprocessor that guarantees durable operation of the complex.

- The plant is easily adjusted and automatically controlled; the information about the operational modes is displayed at the control boards.  The ash content of any received product can be smoothly adjusted without shutdown of the technological process.

The experts of «Prompererabotka» company perform constant researches on improvement the operational technology and getting scientific and technical solutions to rectify the problems connected with the effective preparation of minerals.